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Ashley is so small yet so full of life


the lovelands are back!!! 

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my favvy <3 by the time this is posted, i’ll be in Vietnam! ^^ will be back on Tuesday/Wednesday ;) 


my favvy <3 by the time this is posted, i’ll be in Vietnam! ^^ will be back on Tuesday/Wednesday ;) 


So I built a house. Based on this blueprint. I spent all day on this and I am quite in love with this style. I wanted to upload it as a Followers Gift but I realized I have so much stuff (store content) in it that I can’t really. Unless I put it up unfurnished. Anyway, picture galore!


Finally it’s done!

Today I bring you guys the long awaited Starbucks community lot. This was really just a random post but with over 100 notes &inquires I couldn’t leave everyone hanging. Also saying thank you to all 540 followers ;)


This lot fits on a 19 x 23 foundation &is labeled as a hangout. It has one food register, a computer/reading area &of course bathrooms. Depending on what type of personality traits your sim has determines if they will show up autonomously or not.

Minor Issues:

When I originally planned this lot I wanted my sims to come in, buy some coffee &enjoy a few pastries as well so I downloaded the “Shop From Story Inventory” mod and put in a few edible treats. This did not work for my game for some reason, &I have not a clue why. I ended up taking out the mod &just using the treats as deco. They are still edible but for your sims to eat them you would have to put the pastries on a normal surface where they can grab them that way. Now of course this was just for my game, so if you already have that mod &it works fine for you then consider yourself Jesus. Other than that you are completely A.OK here &shouldn’t have any errors. 


For you to completely enjoy this lot in it’s entirety, you will need a few things or they will be replaced by EA items.. so lets run down the list, shall we?


Meet Me @ Starbucks Set (This is Crucial ppl, objects will get replaced!)

Bakery Display

Cafe Drinks

Edible Food:

(These are totally optional, if you already have edible foods in your game then go for it.. but they’re really cute)

Cupcakes with Decor Stand


Cherry Dessert

Foret-Noire, Brownie, Cookie, Tartelette, Tartelette Meringuee (Page 1 &2)


(These are also optional but the lot is decorated around cc patterns so I thought I should just add these in to be fair)

Kitt Set

Fur Set


(These are not all of them though.. for other great pattern sets check out my “CC Finds” Blog here)


If you want your Bakery Display to function properly as “Shop From Inventory”.. then you will need this mod by Ani. I personally cannot help you from this point further so please read her description carefully &make sure your game is compatible with her requirements. Please do not ask questions on why it doesn’t work because I will redirect you there. Sorry :/

Around The Sims also has a detailed description on how to properly use her edible treats.

So i think that’s it.. I really hope I’m not forgetting anything and if you have any questions regarding the lot or if there is an issue please do not hesitate to let me know. Please don’t hate me for re-uploading the same pictures :D

Thank you to all the wonderful CC makers for making this lot possible & a special thank you to Simstaplease for testing this out for me. (grammy speech).

Download: Starbucks

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Ok guys I caved in…. so who wants the new set? (:








oh my gawd YESS, YASSSSSSSSS, Thank Youuuu!!!

Sweet baby jesus. ATTACK HUG

Selena and I got back together and we spent Christmas together with Kasem. :)